The Democracy Technology EOS Voting Proxy

"Empowering The Individual Beyond Trust"


Blockchain Technology and programmable peer-to-peer networks like EOS make trust in political and third-party intermediation unnecessary.
We now have the opportunity to create the environment and code in EOS that will facilitate the achievement of "Individual Sovereignty" for all people of the world.

The Democracy Technology Proxy will vote for 30 Block producers that best pursue this goal specifically defined as:

This proxy will aim at attaining "Liquid Democracy" where the "Wisdom"" of all participant token holders will steer the course of the proxy's criteria and how it will vote.
This is an ambitious goal, and attaining it will be slow and needs lots of thought and development.

Rating Criteria:

The candidate list will change constantly as we evaluate all Block Producers that have strong combinations of the following criteria:

- Compliance
Block Producer Requirements. Agreement with EOS constitution. Code of Conduct. Complete bp.json
Complete compliance is required to be considered for inclusion in the proxy list.

- Independence
Self-Funded, no third party liabilities.

- Geopolitical Diversity
Balanced geographical and political diversity. Candidates will be chosen from all main world regions.

- Transparency
Disclosure of Ownership & Use of Rewards.

- Infrastructure Control & Resilience
Physical access and management of infrastructure.

- EOS Software Testing & Enhancement
Participation in Test nets, Debugging, Improvements.

- Democracy Tech Dapp Development and Promotion
Government Transparency, Private Voting, Community Organization, Peer-to-peer Interaction, Censored-resistant Media, Surveillance-resistance, Identity & Data Sovereignty, Privacy Enhancements.

- Community Engagement
Education and promotion of the EOS network. Talks, Chats, Hackatons, Conferences, Seminars, Developer Spaces & Retreats, etc.

The Fluid Positioning Concept:

We can divide the EOS BP's into 3 distinctive groups:
  1. Top 21 Bps
  2. - Are actually producing the blocks and getting rewarded for it.
  3. Standby Bps
  4. - Do not produce blocks but get rewarded.
  5. Non-Paid Bps
  6. Do not produce blocks and don't get rewarded.
We believe it would be healthy for the EOS network to have a more dynamic up/down flow of BP's from these three groups, and that this movement would yield additional benefits for all BP's involved.
  1. All Standby BPs would get a higher probability to get a chance to actually perform their job, and gain necessary experience and readiness.
  2. Active producing BPs can gain needed time "on the pits" for maintenance, hardware & software upgrades, cleaning & re-seating components, etc.
We pretend to apply an upward pressure from the lower BP groups to the Top21 so that they will "pop-down" and give other BP's a chance to perform as actual producers.
By using a bottom-heavy numbers ratio we believe such pressure could be applied and thus cause a steady flow of BP's from the top positions down.
This is what we call "Fluid Positioning". A simple ratio concept we are incorporating into the mechanics used by the DemTech Proxy.

We will initially use a ratio of 10/60/30 weighted to the middle group to stimulate "Fluid Positioning" the most. This ratio could be adjusted once experience has been acquired.

In numbers the split would be:
  1. Top 21 BP's get 10% = 3 BP's
  2. Standby BP's get 60% = 18 BP's
  3. Non-Paid BP's get 30% = 9 BP's

So the selection procedure will be:
  1. Select 40+ BPs with strong combinations of the main criteria detailed above.
  2. Reduce the BPs list to 30 according to the "Fluid Positioning" ratio chosen.

  1. This scheme would only be effective if the DemTech Proxy gets enough support from the community token holders to have a significant impact otherwise the influence would be null.
  2. The list will have to be updated periodically so it can stimulate up/down flow of BPs. This will be done automatically once we make progress with development.

Personal Background:

I graduated from Tulane University in 1973 having studied Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy.

While studying Engineering, I got introduced to computer programming using Fortran IV in the school's IBM mainframes. This is where my passion for reseaching and applying computer technology started and persists until now.

During those college years, I built my own Ham Radio rig to communicate with family and friends at home. That was my first experience with decentralized communications networks, way before the invention of the Internet.

In 1987 I established a software development company: Sistemas Edenia Internacional) and programmed business software in dBase and Clipper for 13 years.

Due to the Y2K problem and seeing the Internet phenomenon rising, we switched the company's focus exclusively to Internet.
Our first registered Internet domain marks the year as 1995.
We have been in the Internet hosting and development business ever since providing hardware, programming, maintenance, and technical support to our customers worldwide.

In early 2013, I discovered Bitcoin. It was another "this is going to change the world" moment and my enthusiasm grew to same levels as when I finally understood the Internet ;)
Being an Internet company, it was a "no brainer" to incorporate "Internet Money" as a way of payment for our services.
We are now running and maintaining several BTC full nodes, DASH Masternodes, Stellar, Gricoin, and ZenCash nodes for customers and ourselves.

I encountered Bitshares in 2015 after the M.T.Gox Exchange collapse and have been using the platform ever since.
I ran a Steem witness for over 3 months starting in 2016. If curious, see my Steem blog to discover what happened.
After mastering BitShares and Steem usage, I gained a lot of respect and admiration for Dan Larimer as a software engineer and share a similar philosophical posture.
Thus my enthusiasm for Dan's latest creation: The EOS Operating System.

I'm a passionate advocate and reader of Political Philosophy and Economics.
I was born and live in Costa Rica and remain active in the local and international Blockchain communities.

EOS Account: democracytec
Steemit: @CryptoHead
Telegram: CryptoCuco